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Website vs Homepage vs Landing Page: Which is Correct?

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What is the difference: having a landing page created versus having a website created? Sometimes, this is a case of popular parlance versus correct terminology.

Companies and freelancers face the constant challenge of professionalizing their external image. If you search the internet for agencies and service providers who proffer web design services, you’ll inevitably come into contact with different terms. These include in particular “Homepage”, “Site”, “Website” and “Landing page”. But you may be wondering, “what exactly is behind it? Should I now have the agencies create a landing page for me, or a homepage, or a website?”

First of all, we find it perfectly legitimate that different providers also use different terms. Above all, it is important that these are used consistently and that their meaning is communicated transparently. Unfortunately, that’s more wishful thinking than reality. Because many service providers switch wildly between the terms, for example speaking of a website in one place and a landing page in another. We cannot, therefore, expect the layperson to know, let alone understand, the correct meaning. Overall, we are currently (still) far from correct usage in common parlance.

At this point, we would like to clarify and bring you closer to our definitions. At the same time, we appeal to our colleagues to speak a uniform language here – and to serve the reader with a common context.

Having a homepage created

The search combination “Create homepage” is queried very often on Google and even displayed automatically via the so-called autocomplete function:

Google Homepage Autocomplete Screenshot

Strictly speaking, the homepage refers to the front page of a website. The Oxford Dictionary, for example, defines the term homepage as follows: “the introductory page of a website, typically serving as a table of contents for the site.”  (See What is a Homepage.)

Homepage of Branditechture Design Agency min

Homepage of Branditechture Design Agency

We at Branditechture> see it the same way. A homepage is the master page of your website. It is not without reason that there is also a “HOME” item in the main menu on many websites – and this always leads the visitor to the start page, that is, to the homepage.


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Having a website created

When we speak of the entire website and not just the homepage, we use the term “website”. This also includes all sub-pages, in many cases, these are, for example, About us, services, offers, contact, blog, cookie policy, etc.

By the way, if you want to find out which sub-pages belong to a certain domain and are indexed on Google, then simply start a query according to the format “” – Google will serve you, as a result, only sub-pages that belong to the website in the search query above.

Have a landing page created

Last but not least, let’s look at the so-called landing page, which has a kind of special role in the world of web development. From a purely technical point of view, a landing page can be part of a website (if it is a subpage based on the principle of “”), but it can also be an independent website (if it has its own dedicated domain name and, for example, “”). Below is a perfect example of a landing page;

Landing Page LWY com ng min

Image from:

In the vast majority of cases, the primary purpose of landing pages is to promote and sell certain products, services or offers. Ergo: The pages should, ideally, convert visitors into buyers.

According to Mailchimp, a landing page is a standalone web page that potential customers can “land” on when they click through from an email, ad, or other digital location.

A landing page should lead the user directly to a specific offer without detours. The landing page, therefore, has the purpose of direct interaction with the visitor.

This is done using a response element that is optimized with regard to the needs of the target group. So the real purpose is conversion. The target group is motivated, for example, to change from prospects to customers. A visitor may arrive directly at the offer (on your landing page) via a search engine or an advertising button.

Unlike a full-fledged website, a landing page focuses on marketing one product or service.


If you are looking online for a web design agency to develop your new website, then the search combination “have your website created” is technically more appropriate than “have your homepage created”. However, due to the inconsistent use of the different terms from provider to provider and from website to website, you will certainly find potential service providers with the combination “Have a homepage created”.

Are you considering a website design? We can help!

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