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Liquid Death™’s Blind Taste Test. Funny or Disgusting? 

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Liquid Death is a canned-water beverage founded by Mike Cessario. The product is manufactured by a company called Supplying Demand, Inc. Liquid Death’s tagline is “murder your thirst”.

The drink is sold in a 16.9 US fl oz (500 ml) can otherwise known as “tallboy” (Refer to the video above). The water used to make Liquid Death is sourced from the Austrian Alps. The drink first sold in January 2019.

In a new video featuring the popular blind test game, Liquid Death pits its new flavored sparkling waters against some of the most expensive liquids in this world.

Liquid Death has made yet another pun out of marketing in the blind test game which was published yesterday. Back in April, it starred adult film star Cherie Deville in an ad campaign titled ‘Don’t f*** the planet.’  The company is remarkably known for making fun of traditional marketing.

“People like entertainment, but hate ads”.

That’s a comment made by Mike Cessario, co-founder and chief executive of Liquid Death Mountain Water.

The brand blindfolded 17 real people and asked them to compare its new flavored sparkling waters with some of the most expensive liquids on the planet.


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The new sparkling water flavors – Berry It Alive, Mango Chainsaw and Severed Lime – are all naturally sweetened with agave, with a recommended retail price of $1.99.

In a video which launched yesterday, the majority of the tasters appear to love the new flavors. A tallboy of Lobster Béarnaise Sauce ($50), on the other hand, is met with a clearly different reaction. Same with the liquified Beluga caviar ($580). Apparently, a person holding a bucket is on standby should in case a taster needs to puke.“You need the bucket?” asks the person offering the samples.

“We thought, ‘how do we talk about taste in a way that’s funny?’” says Mike Cessario, Liquid Death chief executive and co-founder. “Any time we make fun of the marketing tropes, that people are just so tired of, it tends to work pretty well. So we said let’s test Liquid Death against the most expensive stuff we can possibly think of … We’re trying to raise the bar in terms of making people laugh.”

The taste test launched yesterday, along with a message encouraging people to blindfold their closest friends and conduct their own taste tests. The goal is to get Liquid Death fans to post videos on their various social media platforms.

“It could be something that people on TikTok, or social, would want to do to f*** with their friends,” says Cessario. “But you can’t force it or push too hard. It just has to become one of those things. But you always have to put stuff out there that feels like it has potential.”

The Liquid Death’s taste test is the first to involve imported squid ink ($58).

You should expect more activity from Liquid Death’s celebrity ambassadors, which include Travis Barker, Metallica, Steve O from Jackass, Wiz Khalifa, and comedian Bert Kreischer.

Steve O is a big fan of Liquid Death and you can see that from the brand tattoo on his neck, meanwhile, Tony Hawk, a professional skateboarder gave 100 vials of blood to be used for limited-edition skateboard decks in a partnership with Liquid Death Mountain Water.

“We’ll continue to find fun ways to work with our ambassadors,” says Cessario. “We’re always going to push this brand in a PG-13 way. We’re always thinking about being more like Saturday Night Live and less like a commercial.”

What’s your take after watching this ad? Did you find the blind taste test funny or disgusting? Let’s know in the comment section below! 😀

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