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The Main Differences Between Logo Design and Full Branding

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Of course, everyone is familiar with logos. Logos, such as Nike’s swoosh and McDonald’s gold arches, is a type of visual asset that is used to symbolize these companies. But what exactly is branding, and how is it any different from logo design?

You might define branding as the process of creating a visual representation and the overall effort taken by an organization to ensure that everyone gets a clear view of the company’s values. Branding gives more clarity to any business or company and improves its perception among the general public.

In this article, I will use the Nike brand to illustrate the difference between logo design and branding.

A checkmark or Swoosh is how Nike depicts its brand. A very simple form that indicates movement and speed is included. That’s excellent, but it’s only a logo, a simple form.


The Exterior of A Nike Store

On the other hand, the Nike brand encompasses advertisements, corporate communications, brand ambassadors, product packaging, store design, sponsorship programs, TV product placement and movies, sponsorship, in-store graphics, hang-tags, music in videos, website design, print ads, product photography, technology, and so on… You will have all of these perks with Nike. This is branding.

Branding vs Logo Design min

Branding vs Logo Design

Branding is more than just logo design. It is extremely beneficial to businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes. If your budget supports it, do branding so that everything runs in an interoperable manner. Branding has much bigger impact than logo design.

Unfortunately, many business owners believe that a decent logo design will function the same way.


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Nike Brand Strategy 101

Nike’s branding strategy is as follows:

Step 1: The logo is seen by potential clients.

Step 2: Since the logo (i.e the checkmark, and the NIKE wordmark) is known to them, they will recall all of their previous interactions with the brand – commercials, product experiences, seeing your neighbours or friends wearing Nike clothing, packaging, and social interactions. You mention companies, celebrity endorsements, and so on.

Step 3: This recollection elicits an emotional and cognitive reaction. Yes! This is a company I’m familiar with! I’m familiar with their offerings, and they’re fantastic!

Step 4: They choose to get a pair of the most recent Nike shoes.

As you can see, logos are just visual lines in the brain that help people remember their interactions with businesses (also known as “brands”!) Emotional reactions are triggered by the memory of a brand experience!

So, how important is the logo and branding in order to get satisfying results and to ensure that everyone is aware of the product and services you offer?

What do you get from a branding project?

At Branditechture, we take into account all components of the brand and include them in our design process. So, certainly, you will have the following at the end of your branding project:

  1. Colour scheme
  2. Typography
  3. Brand Guidelines
  4. Logo Design
  5. Social Media Kit
  6. Brand Collaterals

More details here:

All these are the fundamental components of your brand. However, you’ll notice that our team also examines other components of the brand during the process. Hang tags, signboards, website, outfits, paper kinds, uniforms, billboards, product packaging, and other items may be included depending on the project.

Whether you have opted to do a logo design or a full branding, at Branditechture, we would always do our utmost best to breathe life into your business so that it reaches its full potential.

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