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Beauty Branding: How To Come Up With A Name for Your Beauty Brand

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Not everything is rosy when starting a beauty brand, and brand naming is one of them — You’d need to brainstorm and conclude on a brand name to use, complete the business registration process with the corporate registry, set up your office or workspace, set up social media accounts, and build a website.

Building a brand is just like birthing and raising a child. Whatever you do to or for the child as a parent plays a huge role in determining whether or not the child will grow into an admirable person. This also means that whatever procedure you employ while setting up your brand must be deliberate. One of such is choosing a brand name.

As with any other business, choosing a brand name for your beauty brand is crucial to its long-term success, and as a beauty entrepreneur, choosing a brand name is one of the most challenging parts of starting your new business venture. Brand names are very key to your entire brand: They could limit you, make you, or even mar you.

Your brand name is the first thing a logo designer would ask you when developing a visual brand identity for your beauty brand.

As a matter of fact, if you have to change your brand name in the future, you’d have to spend a lot of resources and go through some stressful legal and publicity processes. This is why it is very important to get it right the first time.

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How to choose a brand name for your beauty brand

Now, try to imagine a few beauty brands that inspire you, then see the first 3 brand names that pop up in your head. What makes these brands distinguishable from each other? Are they easy to relate to, spell and remember? — These are things you should consider when choosing your own beauty brand name too.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Name for Your Beauty Brand

Okay, let’s get more precise and discuss a few factors that you should consider when choosing a brand name for your beauty business.

1. Name Availability

You mustn’t just pick a name and be done with it, that won’t work and you might end up having to change the name in just a matter of weeks. You might even find yourself entangled in a legal battle with another brand for copyright issues. This could effectively result in loss of money and integrity to your new business, and may even extend to you as a person.

To avoid all of these issues, it is better that you check for the availability of the name you have chosen first before using it at all. It is even advisable to have about 3 names you like and see which one is available for use.

2. Your Brand Image

Your brand name is a reflection of your brand image. It speaks about who you are, what you stand for, and what you intend to do with your brand. What unique values are you proposing with your new beauty brand? Whatever name you choose must be able to portray these values.


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If your brand image is supposed to be classy and elegant, this means that the brand name too should follow suit. This means you cannot use just any name. Using a name that depicts your beauty brand makes your brand name memorable.

3. How Big You Want Your Brand (To Appear)

One of the common branding mistakes that people make is choosing limiting names for their brand. Sometimes, people limit their brand names by location, geography, or even after a single service without considering the possibility of expanding into other territories in the future.

This is why it is important you think about how big you want it now. No matter how big or small you are starting out, you should ideally choose a brand name that can allow for the expansion of your beauty brand in the future.

How to Choose a Name for Your Beauty Brand

Choose a Name that is Creative and Relevant

Even though it is a beauty brand, the names you will be choosing must be not only creative but also relevant to what your brand is all about. Brand Names Generators like Namelix are cool, but use the right keywords to ensure that the name has some appeal and stays relevant to your brand.

Choose a Name that is Easy to Spell and Pronounce

There is always a chance that people will forget or misspell your beauty brand name, which is why you should make it easy to spell and remember. Out of sight, they say, is out of mind.

This means that if your brand name is too difficult then most people would not remember it. You might have to do extra work to make your name known. Choosing a name that is easy to remember is important.

Think about it like you want to choose a name that will become a household name known to everyone. What name do you think that should be? You can keep writing it down and putting it together over and over until you fine a name that resonates the most.

Check for Its Availability

Remember that one of the factors to consider when choosing a name for your beauty brand is the availability of the name. Think about your social media handles, your email addresses, and your website’s domain name. I am very sure you don’t want to have to include numbers on your social media handles.

To check the availability of domain names and social media handles all at once, you can use a tool like Namecheckr.

Choosing a name for your beauty brand is highly important, but ensuring that it is available for use is much more important.


Names are very important, and no one likes to be called names that will make people laugh at them or question their parent’s choices. Parents also choose names that will depict how they see their child or how they want their child to be seen.  This same analogy can be employed when naming your beauty brand.

Brand naming is a very important part of your brand and just choosing the right name can be the ultimate selling point for your brand. In summary, when choosing a name for your beauty brand, ensure that it is relevant, easy to spell and pronounce, and unique.

Thanks for reading.

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