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How the Selar Affiliate Marketing Network Actually Works

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Let me show you how to join the Selar Affiliate Network, things to watch out for, the pros and cons, the limitations, and how the affiliate feature actually works.

What is the Selar Affiliate Network all About?

The Selar affiliate network (or system) is a feature from that helps people make money from the huge creator economy in Africa and beyond.

In simple terms, it helps you (the affiliate marketer) to earn money by selling the products offered by other creators at an agreed commision. I will explain this later, so keep reading.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win for both the creator (or merchant) and the affiliate marketer because it helps the merchant record more sales, while the affiliate marketer cashes out on the commissions agreed as part of the partnership.

Selar has therefore launched the Affiliate Network to help people who don’t have their own digital products to make money by selling other people’s digital products for commissions.

The Selar affiliate network is huge and has a whole lot in store for everyone across almost every country in Africa.

How the Selar Affilate Network Works

This is a very important question for starters. Knowing how the Selar Affiliate Network works will help you manage your expectations, reduce confusion, and get the most out of the affiliate marketing system.

On Selar Affiliates, we have two main players; The Merchants and the Affiliates.

Who are Merchants on Selar?
Merchants are used to refer to sellers on Although the word “merchant” looks more like a term more reserved for people who sell tangible items like clothes, and other merchandise, on Selar  this is not the case.  Sellers of intangible items such as courses, e-books and software are also referred to as Merchants on  The merchants are expected to be the original creator of whatever that is listed for sale. Plagiarism and intellectual theft are highly discouraged.

Who Are The Affiliates on Selar?
The Affiliates, (or Affiliate Marketers) on Selar are basically  the group of people whose main interest is NOT to create courses or products, BUT to help people promote theirs in exchange for some commission. With the new affiliates marketplace system, affiliate marketers can now choose from thousands of products to promote by browsing the Selar Affiliates Marketplace (

The commission rate for each product is displayed on the Selar affiliates marketplace, so it is up to you as an affiliate marketer to decide whether promoting the product will be worth your effort or not.

Should you decide to promote a product you discovered on the marketplace, all you need to do is generate your unique affiliate link from the product page and start promoting that link to your audience or followers.

As an affiliate marketer on, you have the freedom to promote and earn commisions from multiple products at the same time. With the Selar Affiliates Marketplace, there are so many possibilities, however, the platform is not without some drawbacks too, which I will explain later, so keep reading.

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Selar Affiliates vs Selar Affiliate Network

What is Selar Affiliates?
Selar Affiliates is Selar’s old and first affiliate marketing system.  It involves the merchant (or seller) manually creating affiliate links for interested affiliate marketers, one after the other. The downsides were many, but the most obvious ones are;

  1. Merchants would manually have to create a link for every single affiliate marketer who is interested in promoting their product.
  2. A contact or discussion between a Merchant and an Affiliate must be established first, else, there would be no way to create a promotion link for the affiliate marketer.
  3. It is a time-consuming process for Merchants with lots of interested affiliate marketers.

For the above mentioned reasons, developed a solution called the Selar Affiliate Network ( is quite noteworthy that the old Selar affiliates system described above is still intact till date and merchants can still create affiliate links for their affiliate marketers on agreed commision rates.

One advantage of the old Selar Affiliate system is that it allows Merchants (a.k.a Sellers) to give different commision rates to different affiliate marketers for the same product. In other words, different commission rates can be set while generating the unique payment links of each interested affiliate marketer.

Fortunately, if you are a merchant, you can still have access to both the old Selar affiliates system while your products are also listed on the Selar Affiliates Marketplace by default — for free.

What is the Selar Affiliate Network?
Now, let’s talk about the Selar Affiliates Network.


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In an effort to circumvent the limitations of the old affiliate marketing system which seems rather too manual, Selar introduced the Selar Affiliates Network. The affiliate network features thousands of products on its marketplace for just about anyone to start promoting right away, however, here’s a caveat: You’ll need to pay 2,000 NGN per year to gain access to the Selar Affiliates Marketplace.

Selar Affiliate Network Fee

Selar Affiliate Network Fee

The Selar Affiliate Marketplace is a vital component of the Selar Affiliate network, because it serves as the product listing section of the Selar Affiliate Network. The Selar Affiliate Marketplace is the place where prospective affiliate marketers explore products that they would like to promote.

How to Join The Selar Affiliate Network as An Affiliate Marketer.

STEP 1: Register or Sign up

Sign up on the Selar affiliate network by going through the sign-up process on the affiliates network landing page To sign up, click on the “Become an Affiliate” button. I signed up using my Google account because it seemed like the fastest way to join.

STEP 2: Add your bank details

Set Up Banking Details

Set Up Banking Details

Click on the purple “Setup Bank Details” button and supply your bank details. This is the bank account where your commissions would be automatically paid into, so be sure you are entering it correctly so that verification can be successful.

Step 3 – Once your account is created and your bank account details verified, you would be prompted to make payment for an annual subscription to join the Selar affiliate network. You would only need to make this payment once every year.

After your registration and annual subsription is complete, you’d automatically be granted a year access to the Selar Affiliate Network marketplace which has over 10,000 digital products across various niches for you to promote.

Why the Selar Affiliates Network Charges A Fee To Join

The Selar Affiliate Marketplace was initially planned out to be free. However, Selar decided to introduce an annual subscription fee of 2,000 Naira in order to reduce registration spam and encourage activities by registered users on the platform.

How to Generate Affiliate Links on Selar Affiliate Network

Take for example, if you pick a product called Facebook Ads Strategy for Beginners, once you click on the “View Details” button, you’re going to find all the full description about the product, including the commission offered by the merchant.

So, let’s assume you found a hot-seling product that sells ₦10,000 NGN, you can click on the “Get affiliate link” button and a unique link would be generated for you. That link is known as your affiliate link for that product. You should notice the commission rate for that product is also displayed on the product details page where you got your affiliate link.

The product details page also contains information of how many sales the product has made. This can give a hint on whether or not it’s an hot-selling product.

Next, you should copy your unique affiliate link and start promoting that link to bring people to buy that product. When people buy that product through that affiliate link, you automatically get a commission from every purchase.

If a product is sold for ₦10,000 NGN and the commision is set at 30%, it means you would get ₦3,000 NGN for every successful sale made through your affiliate link. It is that simple. 

That is how you make money on the Selar Affiliate Network as an affiliate marketer.

How to Receive Payment on The Selar Affiliate Network.

All the commission you have earned would be automatically converted and paid in your local bank account which was provided during the signup stage. Although payments takes between 24-48 hours to reach your bank account, they would always reflect on your affiliate dashboard immediately after making a sale.

The Selar Affiliate Network supports multiple-currencies, making it easy to promote your links to buyers from all across the world.

To help you increase the probablity of making sales, Selar has intergrated support for a wide range of other payment options inluding traditional card payments.

As mentioned previously, all commisions would arrive your Affiliate dashboard immediately after making a successful sale, then payment would be processed to your local bank account between 24 and 48 working hours.

Cool Affiliate Link Tricks

If you don’t want it to appear too obvious that you are an affiliate when sharing links, the best approach is to use a link shortener to shorten your affiliate link. You can use a link shortener like or You can then use the short TinyURL link instead of the long affiliate link generated by Selar.

How To Choose a Successful Product to Promote from the Selar Affiliate Marketplace

As a smart affiliate marketer, when choosing a product to promote, there are a number of things to look out for. The first is picking a hot selling product.

Choosing to promote products that is in high demand gives you the assurance that there is a market waiting for the product that you’re trying to sell.  That way, it becomes more easy to appeal to prospective buyers.

Another factor to look out for is the commision per sale and the price of the product. The higher a product’s price is, the higher your earnings per sale.

I hope this article makes sense to you. Please drop your comments below if you have any questions.

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