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Top 9 Content Ideas From the Big Brother Naija TV Show

As a business owner whose business or company thrives on content marketing, what can you learn from the BB Naija? and how can you increase your engagement rate by using this TV show as a source of inspiration when crafting relevant content for your brand?

As we all know, the Big Brother Naija TV show is the biggest reality show in Nigeria. And it’s not just the biggest show on Nigerian television, it’s one of the most-watched reality shows in the whole of Africa with a solid fan base.

The Big Brother Naija show has kicked off for the seventh successive season in a row, which is a huge achievement. Just like every TV show needs to be plotted, the Big Brother Naija’s plot is pretty simple – 26 contestants must live together in a house for a certain period of time, and one of the housemates who have managed to avoid an eviction until the last day wins the grand prize. The winner is determined via a voting process.

Here are a few content creation lessons to learn from the BBN TV show that are guaranteed to give your content marketing game some fresh air, spark some engagement, and increase your followers.

1. Repurpose Your Existing Content.

One of the best ways for marketers to create more value for their customers is to repurpose existing content.

Big Brother Naija always goes big in repurposing their reality show every single season. They make sure that every new season is better than the previous one. This is why every new season comes with different dimensions from the previous season, different logos, different slogans, a better showroom compared to the previous season, and many more brand repurposing before airing the show.

All of this brand and content repurposing are the reasons why the BBN reality TV show becomes more entertaining every single season and makes people excited to follow all through. For example, the show house used in Big Brother Naija season reportedly cost 2.5 billion NGN to build from start to finish. When people heard the jaw-dropping cost, they automatically started showing interest in the show, simply because they wanted to see how the new house looked like for it to cost that much.

The Big Brother Naija show audience skyrocketed all because they rebuilt and repurposed their show house. This is one of the powers of repurposing your existing content. The Big Brother Naija house had a show house before that everyone knows, but because they rebuilt the show house helped them skyrocket their audience in a very short period.

Repurposing your content allows you to reach a larger audience, and it also helps you generate more traffic and leads from the same content. Repurposing your content is a great way to inspire new blog posts, giving you more blog ideas for your marketing campaign.

2. Create Scheduled Series for your Content

As you know, Big Brother Naija is a reality show series, this helps them keep their audience engaged and makes them come back for more entertainment.

When you have a blog or website, you can create a series of blog posts that go together by using related topics. By doing this, you can engage your visitors for a longer period of time and keep them coming back for more.

The advantage of creating a series of blog posts is you can create more content, and this gives you more opportunities to drive traffic and generate leads.

Creating scheduled series content allows you to get more returning visitors, build your reputation as an expert in the field, and expand your reach beyond the original topic. Imagine you publish a blog post about leadership skills and then create a second post about how to communicate better at work. Both topics are related, but the communication piece will also attract readers who weren’t interested in the original post.

The more content you have for your business, the better the chance readers have of finding something that suits their interests. When publishing series content, make sure each post has a connection to the original topic but is broad enough to cover different aspects.

3. Run A Giveaway To Grow Your Audience

Big Brother Naija gives away mouth staggering amount every single season, and that’s a proven strategy for every business to grow their audience and engagement rate. Giving away prizes for free is a great way to attract a new audience and grow your social media following. You can offer something as simple as a premium resource,  discount code or coupon, or airtime.

You just have to frame the situation properly to let people know that there’s value in what you’re giving away. For example, let’s say that you’re a software company, and one of your products helps small businesses manage their inventory. You could offer a free ebook about how to choose the right inventory software for your product to let people know how to find value in it.


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4. Host A Challenge or Contest

It Is no longer news that Big Brother Naija is a challenge, and many people stay glued to the show to the end to know who is going to emerge winner of the challenge. Hosting a challenge or contest is a great way to generate buzz around your brand, motivate your team to achieve a set goal, and bring in new customers. Challenges can be anything from a contest to an event to a charitable donation.

In order to make your challenge successful, you’ll need to come up with a good prize or incentive. This prize should be something that will generate buzz and encourage people to participate.

You could offer a free product or service for the first person to achieve your goal or for the person who gives the best answer to your challenge question. The key is that you have to make sure that the prize is worth pursuing and will attract people’s attention.

5. Share Your Company Story

Every Big Brother Naija contestant has their own story. The big brother makes sure to put the story of every contestant of the show out there on the spotlight, and this plays a major role when the audience wants to determine who they like and will support among all contestants of the show, and this is something every business should copy and replicate in their own business too.

One of the most effective ways of telling your company’s story is by using storytelling. Storytelling is one of the oldest and most widely used ways of communicating. It has been around since the beginning of humankind, and it’s still as relevant as ever. It’s a powerful way of connecting with your target audience and helping them to understand your brand, its products, your mission, and your vision.

Sharing your story helps you build more trust in your brand, and people are more likely to buy from brands they like, so sharing your company’s story is one of the most effective ways of attracting new customers and building loyalty among existing customers. You can tell your story in many different ways, such as through blog posts, videos, images, social media updates, contests, etc.

6. Introduce Voting Or Polling Method To Your Business

Big Brother Naija and voting are like 5&6, and they go hand in hand. The show asks its viewers to vote for a housemate every week, and this is what gives the audience a chance to vote for who they want and remove who they don’t want from the show. This is a very important lesson that every business should learn from.

Knowing what your audience wants gives you more inspiration about the type of content they want, how you can help them solve their problem, and more importantly, it helps your business stay more relevant. There is no better way to find out what your customers think about your products or services than by asking them. This can be done by carrying out surveys or creating polls on social media platforms.

The best part is that there are numerous ways to do it, whether it is through email, social media, or even a poll on your website. What you want to do is create a voting or polling system or even a survey that is short and sweet but also provides a lot of detail for them to answer.

The last thing you want to do is make it so complicated that they click away from your site. What you are looking for are the nuggets of information that will help you to improve your products or services. What you learn can also be used to create new products or services that your customers actually want.

Not only does voting or polling your customers help to gather feedback, but it also helps to drive more engagement within your website and email marketing campaigns, which can lead to increased conversions and more sales.

7. Go Behind The Scene

Big Brother Naija is a complete raw live show, and everything is aired in raw and in real-time. Going behind the scene of your business can give you more content inspiration that you can share with your audience.

This can help you stay relevant and keep customers engaged with your brand. You can use these behind-the-scenes contents to show your viewers what happens at your company each day. You can also use these contents to answer FAQs about your products or services. Customers might be curious about how your company works or what happens during certain parts of your business process.

By creating this behind-the-scenes content, you are giving your customers more information about your brand and products. This can increase trust between your brand and customers.

8. Share Secret Or Hacks In Your Industry

Showing contestants’ secrets live on Tv is one of the reasons Big Brother Naija keeps trending every single time, the show keeps making different headlines and making new trends on social media every single day, and this has helped them in the long run to reach more people and grow in viewers.

As the internet and social media have become a part of our daily lives, it has also become more important for marketers and businesses to focus on creating content for their target audience.

When you are creating content for your business, social media, or any other form of marketing, try to think outside the box and focus on creating something unique and interesting for your audience. One of the best ways to do this is to share “hacks” and secrets in your industry. This will not only show your customers that you are knowledgeable in your field but will also create interesting and unique content, which is sure to resonate with your customers.

In order to share hacks in your industry, you will first need to research them. There are hundreds of different websites and forums where people in your industry discuss problems and issues. Once you have found a common issue that has been “hacked” and fixed, share the information on your website or social media to help your customers.

9. Put Your Customers In the Spotlight.

Do you Remember Ebuka? The director of the show, every time he talks on air, he usually shouts out to the audience that comments on their social media post by sharing their comments and displaying them on air. If you are a Big Brother Naija viewer and your comment gets displayed on the most popular tv streaming in Africa, won’t you feel important and appreciated for a second? this makes many of their users comment on their post in the hope of getting a shout-out from Ebuka one day.

The best way to increase sales and improve customer retention is to regularly interact with your customers. When you communicate with your customers, you can increase their trust in your brand and make them feel more valued. When customers feel appreciated, they are more likely to purchase from your brand again. Additionally, if you are able to solve their problems with your products or service, they will also be much more likely to recommend your brand to their network.

The best way to do this is by putting your customers in the spotlight. You can do this by posting updates on your social media accounts or doing Q&As on your blog.

For example, you can post Instagram stories about a customer who bought something from your store and was really excited about it. In the caption, you can ask your customers to tag themselves, and you can reply to their comments with a question. You can also send emails to your subscribers with a poll. Ask them about the problems they are facing and the products you sell.


There’s a lot of content inspiration as a business owner from entertainment shows like Big Brother Naija show. All the tips above can be helpful to you as a business owner, especially if you are trying to come up with new content ideas for your blog or social media channels.

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