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6 Tricks To Grow Your FB and Twitter Followers This BB Naija Season 7

With over 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook and Twitter are two of the busiest social media platforms today. If done right, these two platforms can be turned into a formidable marketing tool for your business in this season 7 of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show titled “Level Up”. Facebook and Twitter present you with the opportunity to grow and showcase your business or brand in front of a very large audience, running into millions of ready-to-buy people.

As we all know, the Big Brother reality TV show always takes social media by storm and it is not so uncommon for you to see “#BBNaija” hashtags dominate social media platforms like Twitter. In the anticipation of the Big Brother Naija Season 7, this year’s edition of the popular TV show is tipped to be the biggest and most successful one ever.

However, amid the certain noise and buzz, here are proven tips to follow in order to take advantage of this year’s Big Brother Naija season 7 to grow your followers on Facebook and Twitter.

1. Optimize Your Facebook And Twitter Page

The first step is to make your Facebook or Twitter Profile aesthetically more appealing to people for them to follow your page. This step is very important as there is no growth hack that will work if your profile page looks scanty or distasteful.

Example of a well done Twitter business page

Example of a well-done Twitter business page.

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This page should have an attractive cover picture as well as a profile picture. You should also create a catchy description (called “Bio”) with brief information about what you want people to know and exactly what it is you have to offer them.

2. Create Curated BB Naija Posts and Publish On Your Pages

Posting a variety of curated BB Naija content and trends that resonate with your existing followers is a very great way to grow your social media following.

Posting trending but relevant Big Brother Naija topics will definitely keep your followers engaged and wanting more. Please note that not every Big Brother Naija content would be applicable to your brand, hence the emphasis on the word, “curate”.

There are a ton of different formats for posting content. And these include pictures, GIFs, videos, Q&As, and more.

You can experiment with different content formats to see which gets the best engagement rate from your followers. Don’t limit your creativity as there is nothing stopping you from combining different formats (pictures + GIFs + videos combo) when delivering content to your followers.

Another great tip is to keep your content fresh and updated always. If you want your followers to keep coming back to your account, you have to keep them interested. If you stop posting content for too long, followers will forget about you and find another account to follow to catch up with the latest news. That may sound harsh and unforgiving, but that’s just the reality these days.


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3. Sharing Your Social Media Post Across Active and Engaging Groups

There are several active, engaging Big Brother Naija Groups out there on Facebook where you can share your content. When sharing your post across different groups, make sure to tailor the message for each audience. This will help you get the most engagement and reach the largest potential audience.

Be sure to include a call to action (such as “Follow my page for more updates”) in each post. This will encourage engagement and let your community know how they can connect with you.

4. Use Trending BB Naija Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most effective ways to get your content to reach lots of people and generate more engagement for your social media profile, most especially on Twitter. The more hashtags you use, the more likely people will find your content when they search for those hashtags.

Choosing the right hashtags can be tricky, but there are some tools available to help you with hashtag research. For example, Twitter has a free hashtag research tool that shows trending topics and the most popular hashtags on Twitter based on popularity and engagement rate. You can then use this data to choose which hashtags to include in your post.

Using these tools will help you find popular hashtags that match up with the type of content you post so that it gets seen by as many people as possible.

5. Post Content Featuring A Big Brother Naija Contestant In Focus

The keyword here is “In Focus”. Posting content featuring a Big Brother Naija contestant in focus can blow up your account in a very short time and skyrocket your account engagement, especially if it is a fan’s favourite. However, that doesn’t mean you should turn your business page into a “stan account”. Stan account is a fancy word for “fan account”, which is an account dedicated to posting updates on only one contestant.

With that being said, You should focus on a different contestant at any given time.

A Big Brother Naija fan can’t resist the urge to check out a piece of news featuring any of the contestants when they are scrolling on social media, it always grabs their attention, and this is what makes a post that features a contestant go viral.

We have seen this in action several times as this tip has been used by several media companies such as, and Zikoko!, and its no doubt that all those posts get a ton of engagement.

6. Employ Argumentative Content As Part Of Your Content Strategy

This is especially important if you are trying to attract a new audience to your page. When you are creating content, think about how you can frame it as an argument for your readers.

Let us use a former Big Brother Naija housemate as an example: “Pere may be more charismatic than Laycon, but if you consider his poor communication skill, arrogance, and other non-pleasing behaviour, Laycon is still better than pere (This is just an example).

You can, therefore, make an argument for why someone should consider Laycon to Pere. This can spur attention from prospects who might otherwise not have shown interest in your business page or profile.

With argumentative content, you want to make sure that your readers know that they will be reading an essay-style piece that may challenge their current stand on a topic.

The last thing that you want to do is cause confrontation or tension among your readers, but you do want to spark a conversation and make sure that your readers know that they can expect to be challenged with this type of content.


Smart business people have been using the Big Brother Naija TV show to grow their media following for a very long time now and all the tips I have shared above can certainly help you generate more followers for both your Facebook and Twitter profiles, even as a business.

Choosing a trend that is relevant to your company or industry can produce incredible results. And as we all know, that Big Brother Naija is all about trends. Once you have identified a promising trend, you will want to ensure that the content you are sharing is easy to understand and has click-worthy headlines.

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